Friday, March 5, 2010

AdSense deals with Western Union

I have recently read an e-mail at my own g-mail account. And I was shocked. There was an e mail delivery (sent today, at 9:35 PM) notification of Support Adsense, that from now on Publisher in Indonesia could take advantage of making Adsense earnings via Western Union. This is a very in waiting - waiting for all AdSenser Indonesia.

Previous course must be changed before payment orders (after logging in to Adsense Account) continue to the menu: My Account> Payment Details and click the button: edit. Perform the edit method of payment there by selecting: Set up your Western Union Quick Cash (of course better if the previous study on the menu: learn more.)

To take payment in Google AdSense Western Union Quick Cash, please follow the steps - steps as follows :

1. Visit the website = to determine the Western Union location near your residence
2. Phone / find out to the Western Union Agent on the payment by the method of Quick Cash Service (quick cash)
3. Bring the following information :

- A valid ID card (or SIM/Passport)
- Bring the sender information, ie = Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View,
California 94043, USA. Phone Number: 650-253-4000
- The amount of money to be paid to you (U.S. $), can be seen in = Payment History Page
- Number of unique MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), which can be obtained by clicking on the "details" link text on Payment issued in Payment History Page

Remember: payment via Western Union is only served for 60 days from the issued date, if not taken, it will be refunded to your AdSense account again.

Adsense earnings melt with my check is likely to leave, citing a long wait and the cost is greater than through Western Union.